Title: Dental Crowns in One Visit at Bohle Family Dentistry in Paducah

Date: 2014-08-27

Description: http://www.MyPaducahDentist.com, Charles Bohle DMD and his fabulous staff at Bohle Family Dentistry in Paducah offer patients the convenience of one visit dental crowns or dental crowns prepped and the final crown placed in the office all in one visit. In the past patients would come in for their tooth or teeth to be prepared and then the dental office would send an impression of the prepared tooth/teeth to the dental lab who would fabricate the final crown or bridge. The patient would then come back to the dental office in two weeks after the initial appointment to have their final crown or bridge placed. This meant more time off work and more of an inconvenience. Bohle Family Dentistry has all the latest and greatest dental technology like the Cerec Machine that allows them to fabricate your final crown or bridge right there in their office so you can have the entire procedure finished in one visit. Call for an appointment today at 270-442-0256.