Title: Paducah Dental Implants and Same-Day Dental Crowns

Date: 2014-04-02

Description: http://www.BohleDental.com, Charles (Chip) Bohle DMD offers patients a same-day dental crown and bridge service that you will not find available in every dental office, yet is a huge convenience for patients. Why? Well normally dentists grind down your tooth/teeth, take an impression of the core, and then send the impression to a dental lab where a crown or bridge is fabricated to fit your particular core. You leave the dental office with a temporary crown or bridge, and then two weeks later return to the dentist to have your permanent crown or bridge placed. This second visit for your permanent crown means you have to take more time off work to get to the dentist! Paducah dental patients are loving the fact that same-day crowns allow them to make just one visit to the dentist for everything including the final, permanent crown or bridge. Charles Bohle DDS and his superior team at Bohle Family Dentistry are committed to providing patients with the most technologically advanced dental care possible, while also catering to the dental fears their patients might have. Call 270-442-0256 for an appointment today!