Title: Bohle Family Dentistry - Paducah Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment

Date: 2014-06-04

Description: http://www.MyPaducahDentist.com, Dr. Charles Bohle and his fantastic staff at Bohle Family Dentistry offer patients many different kinds of dental treatments including treatment for sleep apnea and snoring. This is called dental sleep medicine and has successfully changed many patients lives who had given up on finding a cure for their sleep issues. Many patients had tried the CPAP in the past and just could not deal with it. Patients had also reported seeing a few different kinds of doctors to alleviate their daytime sleepiness, and fatigue due to not getting a good night's rest. No one seemingly could help them. These negative experiences made them skeptical about dental sleep medicine, but after trying the dental sleep appliance they were so thankful they overcame the hurdle of being skeptical. For an appointment call 270-442-0256 today. Remember, you are not just going to improve your own sleep, you most likely will be helping your significant other sleep better as well.