Title: Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry at Bohle Family Dentistry in Paducah

Date: 2014-06-04

Description: http://www.MyPaducahDentist.com, Dr. Chip Bohle and his friendly staff cater to dental phobics. They offer sedation dentistry to patients with serious fears and anxieties. Most patients find the warm and caring staff, the smiling faces, and the hand holding helps as much as the sedation. Have you always hated going to the dentist? Maybe it's time you tried Bohle Family Dentistry. One patients said, "Sometimes I think everyone here has taken a happy pill. They all seem to love their jobs." The atmosphere in Dr. Bohle's office is second to none. Dr. Bohle has a wonderful staff, but he also has all the latest and greatest dental equipment so he can provide patients with the top-knotch care they deserve. Call 270-442-0256 for an appointment today!